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SC grants interim bail to prisoner suffering from Covid-19

The SC on May 15, 2020 {RAHUL @ VIJAY v. THE STATE OF RAJASTHAN} held that the petitioner is tested positive for COVID-19 and he is undergoing treatment for the same. The SC held it desires to release the petitioner on bail only on the aforementioned ground for a temporary period of two months so as to enable the petitioner to take treatment properly. 

The SC Bench, comprising of Justice MOHAN M. SHANTANAGOUDAR & Justice R. SUBHASH REDDY further held that the petitioner is released on bail for a temporary period of two months. It was held that after two months he should surrender himself before the Jail Authorities. It was further held that the Jail Superintendent shall inform the concerned who is incharge of COVID -19 cases in the State/area in question. It was directed that the petitioner should not be allowed to have contact with others and all the other conditions which would be imposed by the Doctors in respect of the positive patients will have to be followed by the petitioner and the authorities. 

In the present case, the interim bail was sought on the ground of the applicant/ prisoner suffering from Covid-19. It was accordingly granted by the SC, without going into merits of the matter. It was held by the SC that on surrender of the petitioner after two months, it is open for him to file application for bail afresh before the trial court if he so chooses.

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