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About Us

One error, delay and fault can cost the fortunes - as ignorance of law is no excuse. Law is evolving rapidly. 

It is found that the legal cases/ litigation/ matters are lost only due to one small error which unknowingly gets committed in inception of matters and contracts due to lack of upto date legal acumen. And which happens - due to lack of upto date legal knowledge & awareness. 

Who is Advocate Retainer?

The Advocate Retainer is a litigating law firm of India. We provide complete legal services. Not limited to; litigation, take legal actions, do acts, give advices, arbitration, vetting, contracts, M & A, SEBI and all other legal work. We continuously, painstakingly and vigorously keep reporting quality legal news - ratio of judgments of the Supreme Court of India in nutshell - by undertaking deep study & research to maintain highest standards of content.

Our Articles, updated in each sphere with legal position up-to-the-minute,  which are precise and in nutshell, are testimonial to our dedication for work. The articles are published after studying and analysing the current judgments of the SC by the team of advocates of Advocate Retainer. Our focus is always on the core i.e. ratio of judgment -  in law which is only binding.

Every article herein, which reflects latest position of law,  is published by Advocate Retainer, which owns copyright in that.

A change is very subtle in starting - which defines the century.