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SC grants bail to convict who served six months imprisonment, out of total sentence of 2 years

The SC on June 12, 2020 {TILAK RAM SINHA vs. THE STATE OF MADHYA PRADESH (NOW STATE OF CHATTISGARH)} held that taking into consideration the fact that the petitioner has already undergone approximately six months of imprisonment out of a total sentence of two years and is stated to be 70 years of age, it is inclined to grant him bail.

It was observed by the Bench, comprising of Justice N.V. RAMANA, Justice R. SUBHASH REDDY and Justice SURYA KANT, that the petitioner is directed to be enlarged on bail on such terms and conditions to be imposed by the trial court.

In the present appeal, the SC on 13.11.2019 while issuing notice limited to the quantum of sentence only, directed the petitioner to surrender forthwith before the trial court. In compliance of the said direction, the petitioner had surrendered. And, thereafter, now bail has been granted by the SC.

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