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Criminal Lawyer - The Supreme Court of India has held that mere Abusing does not constitute any offence in IPC.

Supreme Court of India

Justice Ashok Bhushan

Time and again, the case is filed/ registered U/s 504 IPC and Sec 506 IPC for allegations of abusing by one party to another.

The Supreme Court of India in the case titled as " Vikram Johar vs State of UP & Anr.", has held that mere abusing does not constitute an offence u/s 506 IPC.

It was held the intentional insult must be of such a degree that it should provoke a person to break the public peace or to commit any other offence; for invoking the said provisions. The order of the HC set aside. The appellant was discharged for offence u/s 504 IPC and 506 IPC.


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