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The SC extends last date of admission in MBBS Course to 30th October in rarest of rare case.

Supreme Court of India

Justice M R Shah, Justice Arun Mishra and Justice B R Gavai

The SC { S. Krishna Sradha v. The State of Andhra Pradesh & Ors.} holds that a  meritorious   candidate/student   who   has   been   denied   an admission   in   MBBS   Course   illegally   or   irrationally   by   the authorities for no fault of his/her and who has approached the Court   in   time   and  so   as   to   see   that   such   a  meritorious candidate may not have to suffer for no fault of his/her. The following law, while answering the reference, was laid down by the SC qua admissions in MBBS Course:

"(i) That   in   a   case   where   candidate/student   has approached the court at the earliest and without any  delay and that the question is with respect to the admission in medical course all the efforts shall be made   by   the   concerned  court   to   dispose   of   the proceedings by giving priority and at the earliest.

(ii) Under exceptional circumstances, if the court finds that there is no fault attributable to the candidate and the candidate has pursued his/her legal right expeditiously without any delay and there is fault only on the part of the authorities and/or there is apparent breach of rules and regulations as well as related   principles   in   the  process   of   grant   of admission which would violate the right of equality and  equal   treatment   to   the   competing   candidates and if the time schedule prescribed – 30th September, is over, to do the complete justice, the Court under exceptional circumstances and in rarest of rare cases direct the admission in the same year by directing to increase the seats, however, it should not be more than one or two seats and such admissions can be ordered   within   reasonable   time,   i.e.,   within   one month from 30th  September, i.e., cut off date and  under no circumstances, the Court shall order any Admission in the same year beyond 30th  October. However,   it   is   observed  that   such   relief   can   be granted only in exceptional circumstances and in the rarest of rare cases.  In case of such an eventuality, the   Court   may   also   pass   an   order   cancelling   the admission given to a candidate who is at the bottom of the merit list of the category who, if the admission would   have   been   given   to   a   more   meritorious candidate who has been denied admission illegally, would   not   have   got   the   admission,   if   the   Court deems   it   fit   and   proper,   however,   after   giving   an opportunity of hearing to a student whose admission is sought to be cancelled.

(iii) In case the Court is of the opinion that no relief of admission can be granted to such a candidate in the very academic year and wherever it finds that the action of the authorities has been arbitrary and in breach of the rules and regulations or the prospectus affecting   the   rights   of  the   students   and   that   a candidate   is   found   to   be   meritorious   and  such  candidate/student has approached the court at the earliest and without any delay, the court can mould the relief and direct the admission to be granted to such   a   candidate   in   the   next   academic   year   by issuing   appropriate   directions   by   directing  to increase   in   the   number   of   seats   as   may   be considered appropriate in the case and in case of such   an   eventuality   and   if   it   is   found   that   the management was at fault and wrongly denied the admission to the meritorious candidate, in that case, the Court may direct to reduce the number of seats in   the   management   quota   of   that   year,   meaning thereby the student/students who was/were denied admission illegally to be accommodated in the next academic   year   out   of   the   seats   allotted   in   the management quota.  

(iv) Grant of the compensation could be an additional remedy   but   not   a   substitute   for   restitutional remedies.     Therefore,   in   an   appropriate   case   the Court   may   award   the   compensation   to   such   a meritorious candidate who for no fault of his/her has  to lose one full academic year and who could not be granted any relief of admission in the same academic year.

(v) It is clarified that the aforesaid directions pertain for Admission in MBBS Course only and we have not dealt with Post Graduate Medical Course."

The decision in Asha  vs.  Pt.   B.D.   Sharma was   affirmed, and decision in Chandigarh Admn. vs. Jasmine Kaur was overruled by the SC. 

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