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SC directs that one attendant to be allowed with Covid patient: Delhi Govt. does not endeavour to know any shortcomings in its hospitals and patient care

The SC in Suo Motu petition on June 19, 2020 {IN RE THE PROPER TREATMENT OF COVID 19 PATIENTS AND DIGNIFIED HANDLING OF DEAD BODIES IN THE HOSPITALS ETC.} directed that all Covid-dedicated hospitals shall permit one willing attendant of the patient in the hospital premise, who can remain in an area earmarked by the hospital.

It was further directed by the Bench, comprising of Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul & Justice M.R. Shah, that Footage from the CCTV Cameras shall be made available by the hospitals in NCT of Delhi to the inspecting/supervising expert team or to any other authority or body as per directions of the Union of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for screening the footage and issuing necessary directions thereon. 

It was directed that all Covid dedicated hospitals shall create a helpdesk accessible physically as well as by telephone from where well being of patients admitted in the hospitals can be enquired.

The SC observed that the affidavit of NCT, Delhi tries to give an impression to the Court that everything in the Government hospital in NCT, Delhi is well and all steps are being taken by the Government of NCT of Delhi. It was held that when the Government does not endeavour to know any shortcomings or lapses in its hospitals and patient care, the chances of remedial action and improvement becomes dim.

The Court held that every organisation, every individual should be more than ready to know about shortcomings, lapses and it is only after knowing one’s shortcomings and deficiencies, remedial actions can be taken. The Court held that it impresses upon Government of NCT of Delhi to be more vigilant in knowing about the deficiency and lapses in functioning of the hospitals and patients care and take immediate & remedial steps to redeem the miseries of patients, the public who needs medical care and help. The Matter now stands adjourned to third week of July.

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