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[E-Commerce]: Home Secretary writes to states, no movement of non-essential goods.

The Home Secretary has clarified in his letter today to all Chief Secretaries of different states, that non-essential goods by e-commerce companies from 20.04.2020 are not allowed and their sale remain to be prohibited.

However, it was clarified there shall not be any restriction on movement of essential goods, including through e-commerce companies. The letter of Home Secretary is clear, and clarifies that as per easing of restrictions on lockdown vide earlier order dated 15.04.2020, which is effective from tomorrow, sale of non-essential goods are not allowed through e-commerce companies. It was specifically mentioned that the operations of e-commerce companies for non-essential goods stand prohibited.

The Chief Secretaries were directed to issue necessary clarification in that regard to field agencies and to general public. It was also directed that guidelines/ orders issued by different states also be modified to reflect correct position by state concerned.

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