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Service matter Lawyer: upheld appointing the retired officer for heading SIT for idol theft.

Supreme Court of India

justice Ashok Bhushan

The interesting case reached the supreme court in which the order passed by the high court appointing the retired officer to head the SIT in the investigation of idol theft was assailed by the state government in the case titled as "state of Tamil Nadu versus elephant G Rajendra and others".

It was contended by the state government that the appointment of retired officer would lower the moral of the serving officers who are also equally meritorious and there was no occasion to appoint the retired police officer to head the SIT regarding investigation of idol theft in the state.

The state government also sought to assail the appointment of retired officer by showing certain proceedings / complaint pending against the retired officer. The supreme court after considering the service record of the retired officer and also looking that the Complaints were made subsequently to the retired police officer being appointed to head the SIT.

In the facts on circumstances of the present case upheld the order which appointed the retired police official to head SIT, in view of the particular facts and circumstances of the case. The Appeal was accordingly dismissed of the state.





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