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Property lawyer: Mere registration does not give right to seek allotment of plot; SC.

Supreme Court of India

Justice DY Chandrachud

In the case titled as "UP Housing and Development Board Versus Ramesh Chandra Agarwal", it was held by the apex court that mere registration does not oblige the authority to include every registered applicant in the draw of lots. It was further held that the applicant cannot seek allotment if he has not participated in the draw.

In the said case the newspaper advertisement in 1992 required registered applicants to furnish their written consent, for being included in the draw of lots. But the respondent before the Supreme Court did not provide the written consent as per the newspaper advertisement, therefore, it was held by the court that he was not entitled for allotment. The consumer complaint was dismissed, while allowing the Appeal and setting aside the order of NCDRC.



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