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Property Lawyer: HUF property sold for benefit of the family by Karta is binding upon all the family Members.

Supreme Court of India

Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre

In the case titled as " Hirabai through LRs & Ors Vs. Ramniwas Bansplal Lakhotiya by LRs & Ors." It was held by the SC that the property sold by the Karta for legal necessity cannot be assailed by any of the family members of HUF.

It was held that if Karta Sales the property for the legal necessity and the benefit of the family the same is binding on all the members of the family. After attaining the age of majority, the member(s) of HUF cannot assail the validity of the Sale Deed or cannot say that it is not binding upon the member(s) of HUF.


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