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Matrimonial Lawyer: Husband Acquitted by the Supreme Court, the wife had died after committing suicide.

Supreme Court of India

Justice N.V. Ramana

The Supreme Court setting aside the conviction of the appellant/husband in the case titled as "Jagdishraj Khattar V/s State of Himachal Pradesh", held that the allegations levelled against the family member(s) were general in nature and were never raised to the IO or at the time of preparation of Inquest. The husband was tried for Sec 498A IPC & Sec 306 IPC.

It was also held that the neighbours were not examined to show the cruelty before the death. The alleged instances had taken place much before the date of death of deceased and hence could not be treated as conduct which drove the deceased to commit suicide.

It was further held that the handwriting of the deceased had not been proved on the letter allegedly written by the deceased. The deceased had not written any other letter after marriage and was in touch with the family members through phone - it strengthens the case of the accused. The judgment of the HC set aside and that of trial court acquitting the accused was affirmed.

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