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SC dismisses the Petition alleging favoritism in listing on the Registry

The SC on July 6, 2020 {REEPAK KANSAL vs SECRETARY­ GENERAL, SUPREME COURT OF INDIA & ORS.} held that it is to be remembered by worthy lawyers that they are the part of the judicial system; they are officers of the Court and are a class apart in the society. 

The SC Bench, comprising of Justice Arun Mishra and Justice S. Abdul Nazeer held that it expects members of the noble fraternity to respect themselves first. It was held that they are an intellectual class of the society. It was held that what may be proper for others may   still   be   improper   for   them,   the   expectations   from   them   is   to   be exemplary to the entire society, then only the dignity of noble profession and judicial system can be protected.

In the present Writ Petition before the SC, the case of the petitioner was that equal treatment had not been given to the ordinary lawyers/ litigants. It was alleged that the registry favour some law firms or Advocates for reasons best known to them.

The SC held that Registry is nothing but an arm of the Court   and   an   extension   of   its   dignity. It was held that bar   is   equally   respected   and responsible part of the integral system, Registry is part and parcel of the system, and the system has to work in tandem and mutual reverence. The Court held that it also expects from the Registry to work efficiently and effectively. It was held that at the same time, it is expected of the lawyers also to remove the defects effectively and not to unnecessarily cast aspersions on the system.

Thus, it was held that the Court finds no ground to entertain the petition.  The SC held that the petitioner to be more careful and live up to the dignity of the profession which it enjoys.

The SC dismissed the petition and imposed cost of Rs.100/­ (Rupees One Hundred only) on the petitioner as a token to remind his responsibility towards noble profession and that he ought not to have preferred such a petition.

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